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Newsletter No. 46

Fátima Da Silva presents an article on applied technologies for translators; Claudia Sierich interviews Ana Teresa Arcaya, a pioneer of conference interpretation in Venezuela. Download Newsletter No. 46.

Newsletter No. 45

“I want to Be Anonymous”, by Edgardo Malaver; “Translation of Proper Names”, by Laura Bazzuco, and the Regulations on Exams for Sworn Interpreters in Spain are some of the articles presented in this newsletter. Download Newsletter No....

Newsletter No. 44

This publication features two articles: “What are you? Translator, Freelancer or Businessperson?” and “False friends and comprehension of translated texts” by Professor Pedro Chamizo. Download Newsletter No. 44.

Newsletter No. 43

This publication presents an analysis of translator style and the technical standards to optimize the management of linguistic services, among other topics. Download Newsletter No. 43.

Newsletter No. 42

Ethics and moral in the exercise of the profession, social security for all translators, and the education and training of professional translators and interpreters in Australia are some of the topics addressed in this newsletter. Download Newsletter No....

Newsletter No. 41

This is a special edition focusing on websites for translators. Why is a website necessary? What are the keys to develop our presence on the Internet?, and What are the alternatives when we don´t have the funds or time to invest in a website? Download Newsletter No....

Newsletter No. 40

Fernando Navarro describes his work routine; Fátima Da Silva provides details on the quality management of translation services; Beatriz Sosa Martínez explains how to avoid being caught in one of the most common traps in translation: the paronymic attraction. Download Newsletter No....