TRI-TRAB | Advocate for translators’ rights and ethical business practices

TRI-TRAB is a project run by María Scheibengraf and a team of volunteers as an initiative to advocate for translators’ rights and ethical business practices.

They are dedicated to rooting out any kind of unfair behaviour in the translation industry, and TRI-TRAB is a natural extension of this passion and commitment.

This platform’s goal is to make sure that no translation agency gets away with exploiting their translators – and we know that together, we can do just that.

This online platform is a safe space where translators, interpreters, and other language professionals can anonymously submit complaints against translation agencies who are trying to exploit them. This anonymous reporting tool protects the identities of all members and involves a moderation stage to ensure that all complaints are reliable and verifiable – that’s why we require evidence in the form of screenshots or other supporting documents.

Text taken from their website:

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