JoSTrans Issue 34, July 2020

The Journal of Specialised Translation non-thematic issue 34 has been grouped into three thematic sections spanning various subfields of Translation and Interpreting Studies:

(1) Spotlight on research methods;

  • Chau Yu
    Insider, outsider or multiplex persona? Confessions of a digital ethnographer’s journey in Translation Studies
  • Erik Angelone
    The impact of screen recording as a diagnostic process protocol on inter-rater consistency in translation assessment
  • Feng Pan, Kyung Hye Kim, Tao Li
    Institutional versus individual translations of Chinese political texts: A corpus-based critical discourse analysis

(2) Interpreting and sight translation, and

  • Randi Havnen
    Where did the footnote go? How the change of mode in sight translation affects meaning-making
  • Sijia Chen
    The impact of directionality on the process and product in consecutive interpreting between Chinese and English: Evidence from pen recording and eye tracking
  • Xiangyu Wang and Xiangdong Li
    The market’s expectations of interpreters in China: A content analysis of job ads for in-house interpreters

(3) Technologies and accessibility.

  • Rudy Loock
    No more rage against the machine: how the corpus-based identification of machine-translationese can lead to student empowerment
  • Irene Tor-Carroggio
    T(ime) T(o) S(tart) synthesising audio description in China? Results of a reception study
  • Estella Oncins, Pilar Orero
    No audience left behind, one App fits all: an integrated approach to accessibility services

Plus an interview, Lindsay Bywood interviews Carol Robertson on her experience of the early days of subtitling at the BBC, and nine book reviews.

Read the issue on JoSTrans website.

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